A smarter way to do things

We do things smarter and faster to give you a beautiful lawn that doesn't pay for your trial and error method of testing products to see what works.  Our services for your lawn are compiled from over 15 years of experience in this geographical area.  The coastal area of Alabama has specific soil composition that requires skill and knowledge to craft the best plan of action for your lawn.  


Lawn Company Fairhope AL

The funny thing is, it actually works.

We offer lawn specialty and expertise for your Alabama yard. Careful maintenance builds a lasting and healthy yard that will be wholesome and lovely. Both local and professional we bring years of experience to your yard. Start building a healthier yard today!

Solutions we offer:

Weed Control

Pre- Emergent Weed Control

Crabgrass Control

Balanced Fertilizer Application

Aerating and Overseeding

ph Balance

Iron Suppliment

Grub Management